Superb Collection Of Friendship Ecards

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Are Best Friend Ecards Outdated?

Hallmark was the biggest manufacturer of a best friend and general greeting cards when they were printed on paper. They still exist, but it took them a long time to go digital. Now they are struggling to keep up with the digital market since ecards boom was more than a decade ago.


However, to say that best friend ecards are outdated would be like saying that friendship is outdated. There is no better way to get engaged with other people than keeping contact. Find out how best friend ecards are still hot and moving around in the digital world.

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No doubt funny ecards are the best choice if you want to send a message to an old friend for no reason. If you don’t believe me, just read the next post where you will find a Superb Collection of Friendship Ecards. They are the best, and they are hilarious.


Besides, you want to be there for your friends, and funny ecards are a good way to care for them. There are countless health benefits of laughter. Here are a selected few to give you an idea:

  • It improves your cardiac functions.
  • Laugh reduces your blood pressure.
  • Laughing is an excellent exercise! You can tone your abs just with alaugh. (Of course, this will require a high amount of funny ecards to use it as an abs routine).
  • The stress hormone levels are significantly reduced.
  • Your immune system is also benefited from laughing because the T-Cells get activated.

In general, you will feel better. If you are a true friend, you want them to feel better too, and funny ecards are perfect for that.


For a more concrete situation, when you know a friend is in trouble or has problems, he will welcome best friend ecards. It will show that you care, and it is a perfect way to make things better.


It is not that ecards have gone silent, but they are now social. People share ecards on social networks now, not in the old traditional ways. Best friend ecards with personal messages can be sent out as private messages, or through the unique ecard feature some sites have. The advantage of using the ecard feature is that you can get statistics on views. You can also know who has picked it and how many ecards posted by you were sent. To keep track of your ecards on social networks when you use the embedded application, you’ll want to use the comment section.


Since ecards can be treated as images, you can even post them as photos. Ecard sites are realizing the importance of social networks and are starting to add features to their sites to improve interaction with the most popular social sites to send best friend ecards.


The most common places to share ecards are Facebook and Google+. Twitter has allowed until recent times to send images too, so it is expected that ecards will circulate on this popular social site soon.


Other occasions to send ecards on social networks are:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Thank you
  • Invitations to social events

All these are meant for your dearest friends and just any friend. Even companies are using them even more to:

  • Announce news and business changes.
  • Send invitations to events open to the public
  • Give employee appreciation

There are so much more uses of ecards now that instead of getting outdated they are at times even getting trendy.


Some ecards have even gone viral even if they are meant just for your best friend. If it is a good one, he will share it and so will other people until it is spread all over the internet. But let’s not spoil our next topic and move on.


Going viral is the dream of most to promote their websites and get additional traffic. An ecard can be a good way to go viral. In particular, funny ecards have greater chances to increase reach. It has been proved that in general, funny messages are more appealing for sharing, and going viral has all to do with sharing.


On the other hand, images are one of the most shared things on social media. Cute pets, for example, rank the highest. Inspirational quotes and any funny statement go next. Funny ecards at times have a combination of everything, even the inspirational quotes. This is why they have a good chance to go viral.


To create a viral ecard, chose a professional design for the edition. Then it is advisable to create a short and meaningful phrase. Remember that people don’t read much these days, and a short phrase is perfect for going viral.


Next, you need to do some editing. The image should be appealing and so should the phrase. Post it on your social network and trigger is sharing with a catchy title. A question is always an actionable phrase that can boost your shares.


It is not like you want the personal ecard for your best friend to go viral. It happens, but it is not intended for that. However, this is a good way to prove how ecards in general are not outdated, but trendy instead. It is just that nowa days interactions have evolved and changed in such a way that we no longer use the ecard term so often. Ecards are still there and getting stronger.

Superb Collection Of Friendship Ecards

There are many great relations in life. Among one of the important relations friendship is the blessed one. To spend a life without a friend is like that life in which there is no pleasure. A person who is our friend always trusts us. There is no limit of a true relation. There are a number of friends and they have different categories. It is important to recognize the nature of friends. We should always try to keep relations with those people who are sincere and true. The best person is one who helps us in the hour of needs. Friendship is a relation of loyalty and sincerity which is between people living in any corner of the world. Now electronic media is vast so people love to gift friendship ecards. Thomas Aquinas once said

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship."

Life without a friend is incomplete. Every person in this world needs someone with whom he can express happy moments of life as well sorrows. A good relation is always needed to spend a contended life. Friends are the best people who sacrifice their happiness just to make us happy. They do different actions to make us laugh. They know our nature and act accordingly. They try to take our sorrows away from us. In return it is also our duty that we should take care of them. There are some days which are celebrated to pay tribute to our friends. Friendship Day is among some of the famous days. People love to give friendship ecard on this special day. Here I am sharing some superb collection of friendship ecards. Have a look at this collection.

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